Spicy Carrot Pickles

I love carrot relish, but I usually pick out all the pickled carrots and eat them like I'm suffering from a serious vitamin A deficiency before anyone at the table can put the relish on their tortillas. Clearly, something had to be done. These spicy carrot pickles will hopefully satisfy my craving enough to keep … Continue reading Spicy Carrot Pickles

Leftover Turkey Stew

I'm usually tired of turkey after about 2 meals worth of it. Thanksgiving food is yummy, but the same food for every meal day after day gets old fast. We make so much food though! Our Fall feast seems to call Americans to cook for an army in celebration of having 2 days off of … Continue reading Leftover Turkey Stew

Cutting Corn Off the Cob – Prep Tip

I cannot take credit for this great tip. I learned it from watching the amazing Alton Brown on Food Network. When cutting corn off the cob, use a small cup or bowl to balance one end of the cob on, so that your knife can slide down past the bottom of the corn cob, taking … Continue reading Cutting Corn Off the Cob – Prep Tip

The Attack of the Turkey!

It's coming! You knew it would come. Thanksgiving is just days away. Whether you've never attempted to cook a turkey or you've done hundreds of them, the thought of taking on The Bird is already a daunting task. Ultimately, you can ensure that the turkey you serve will be safe to eat, crispy on the … Continue reading The Attack of the Turkey!