Low Calorie Strawberry Pops!

How do you save overripe strawberries?  You freeze them into mini-popsicles, and eat them whenever you want! You know how I am about strawberries, so of course I experimented. Fortunately, the best-tasting version of these is also the lowest in calories. Just 14 calories per pop! Low-Calorie Strawberry Pops Ingredients: 2 Cups of Strawberries 1 … Continue reading Low Calorie Strawberry Pops!

Easy Avocado Toast

Yes. Avocado toast is an awful, horrible, hipster, pretentious trend. It's also really good and really good for you. It's an easy breakfast or snack, and after experimenting with it, I've decided that keeping it simple is really the yummiest approach. Easy Pretentious, Hipster, Avocado Toast Ingredients: 2 Whole Avocados 1 Large Tomato 2 Slices … Continue reading Easy Avocado Toast

Cold Gazpacho Soup

I'm convinced that Gazpacho is only categorized as soup because it's full of veggies and brightened with vinegar. Let's be honest. A spoon doesn't do it justice. This is a drink to be guzzled from a large glass or mug on a hot day or, yes, for breakfast. That tag wasn't an accident. I love … Continue reading Cold Gazpacho Soup

Seared Whole Tomatoes

Who knew that to make a veggie more healthy you had to make it taste better?! Apparently, that's the skinny on tomatoes. While raw tomatoes are great, slightly cooked tomatoes are even better for you. Tomatoes that are slightly heated release more cancer-fighting anti-oxidants without destroying some of the vitamin C that over cooking them … Continue reading Seared Whole Tomatoes