Christmas Meat Pies

I love meat pies! It doesn't have to be Christmas to make them. The flakey, crunchy crust, the savory filling, the spices, the gravy, the warm smell of meat pie filling the house - it all just makes everything cozy and right. These take about 2 hours to prep at first. The more you make … Continue reading Christmas Meat Pies

The Attack of the Turkey!

It's coming! You knew it would come. Thanksgiving is just days away. Whether you've never attempted to cook a turkey or you've done hundreds of them, the thought of taking on The Bird is already a daunting task. Ultimately, you can ensure that the turkey you serve will be safe to eat, crispy on the … Continue reading The Attack of the Turkey!

Throw A Relaxed “Wine Pot-Luck” Party

Have you ever been at a wine tasting and wished there was more than the usual cheese and small bite canapes to snack on? Usually, if there is meal quality food served, it's no longer a wine tasting, but a catered dinner. I don't know about you, but I want to relax when I'm having … Continue reading Throw A Relaxed “Wine Pot-Luck” Party