Gameday Pork Chop Sliders

It's football season!  That means one thing to foodies: FOOTBALL FOOD! Gameday and tailgate food is its own unique cuisine. It's not the most healthy food, but it doesn't have to be a heart attack on a tortilla chip either. These sliders were inspired by my Best Pork Chops You'll Ever Eat, and they've been … Continue reading Gameday Pork Chop Sliders

Pumpkin Pie Filling From Scratch

If you are determined to make your pumpkin pie filling from scratch, I admire you. Hopefully, this will make it easier: Ingredients: 1 Medium-Sized Pumpkin 1 Cup Vegetable Oil 1 Pinch of Finely Ground Salt 1 12 oz Can of Evaporated Milk 1 Tablespoon of Cinnamon 1 Teaspoon of Ginger 1/2 Teaspoon of Nutmeg 3 … Continue reading Pumpkin Pie Filling From Scratch

Coffee Talk

The people that love you are likely to forgive you for a great many things, but bad coffee is not one of them. There are rules about coffee now. We have professional baristas explaining to us which coffee goes with which food and on what day, even! You can put lemon in your espresso, but … Continue reading Coffee Talk

Beef Tamale Pie

The gluten-free part of this is just luck!  Cornmeal just works out that way. Somehow, this ends up tasting way more decadent than it actually is.  I'm not saying this is diet food, but it's safe for diabetics and Celiac's kids, so it's hard to believe it tastes so good. Beef Tamale Pie Ingredients: 2 … Continue reading Beef Tamale Pie