Amazing Old-Fashioned Apple Butter

Apple butter holds a special place in my heart. It was my Grandma's favorite thing in the world, and I've always felt close to her when I eat this simple, silky smooth, fall treat. Apple butter doesn't have to be as hard to make as everyone says. Dump everything into your crock pot or dutch … Continue reading Amazing Old-Fashioned Apple Butter

How to Make the Perfect Fried Egg

If you're like me, you settle for the best you can manage when it comes to cooking eggs. They're tricky, and it's much easier to order them than to make them the way you like. My second most difficult egg struggle has been with fried eggs. I like a perfectly cooked but not burnt egg … Continue reading How to Make the Perfect Fried Egg

Coffee Talk

The people that love you are likely to forgive you for a great many things, but bad coffee is not one of them. There are rules about coffee now. We have professional baristas explaining to us which coffee goes with which food and on what day, even! You can put lemon in your espresso, but … Continue reading Coffee Talk

Easy Avocado Toast

Yes. Avocado toast is an awful, horrible, hipster, pretentious trend. It's also really good and really good for you. It's an easy breakfast or snack, and after experimenting with it, I've decided that keeping it simple is really the yummiest approach. Easy Pretentious, Hipster, Avocado Toast Ingredients: 2 Whole Avocados 1 Large Tomato 2 Slices … Continue reading Easy Avocado Toast

Cold Gazpacho Soup

I'm convinced that Gazpacho is only categorized as soup because it's full of veggies and brightened with vinegar. Let's be honest. A spoon doesn't do it justice. This is a drink to be guzzled from a large glass or mug on a hot day or, yes, for breakfast. That tag wasn't an accident. I love … Continue reading Cold Gazpacho Soup

Eggs Sous Vide, aka, The Only “Poached” Egg I Can Successfully Pull Off

Confession:  I cannot poach an egg to save my life. Believe me. I've tried and tried. I've listened to all the advice and tried all the different techniques, and I am convinced that it is simply magic that only immortals can perform. Leave it to the French to invent culinary magic for mere humans to … Continue reading Eggs Sous Vide, aka, The Only “Poached” Egg I Can Successfully Pull Off