About Me

conna2 (2)I’m a freelance writer based in Guthrie, Oklahoma. I’m also a single mother, a cancer survivor, a musician, a science geek, a physics fan, a silly head, and a Jesus freak.

In an effort to get healthy and lose weight, I downloaded a calorie counting app that had the fortunate added feature of recommending foods with calories that were actually healthy, full of vitamins, and controlled how much salt, flour, and sugar I ate. Since then, I’ve learned a lot about how food effects my body, what I really need to eat, and what I don’t.

In my opinion, the way we approach food, as Americans, is working against us. It’s not just about processed and fast food, it’s our entire rushed way of eating the same things without any feeling for the food that has us sick and over weight. For those of us who adore our food, it’s also very unsatisfying.

Hopefully, I can express some of my passion for food, some of what I have learned, and some of the better ways to approach eating to make us all more healthy, happy, and satisfied.

I welcome your feedback on all my posts. Without your criticism and honest opinions, I cannot improve or grow.

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