Cold Brew Fever

Here we are again, back on my favorite subject – my unrepentant addiction to coffee. I’ve jumped on the cold brew bandwagon.

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Every time I hear or read about it, I’m told how complicated and difficult it is to make cold brew. There are step by step instructions to make cold brew properly all over the internet. They tell you how to grind the beans just right; how to steep the coffee concentrate overnight; how to strain the grounds using special techniques to let gravity “extract” the perfect brew; how to gently water it down; and in at least one case, how many ice cubes to use, per 8 ounces.

person holding a chalk in front of the chalk board

Once again, I’m going to encourage you to break all the rules.

Those of us who actually NEED coffee need it NOW! We still want an incredible tasting, magical elixir to deliver our caffeine, but come on. By the time the coffee is ready, a day and a half has passed. Do you know anyone who’s that patient who loves their java? I don’t.

If you’ve never tried cold brew, heated or iced, this stuff tastes like coffee smells. It’s wonderful. The beans don’t get heated, so the acid doesn’t make the coffee bitter. It’s also much easier on your stomach. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to hot brew (unless you make it too complicated and difficult to make).

coffee beans beside coffee press and glass cup

Simple, Fast, Cold Brew Coffee

Ingredients and Tools:

  • Any Fresh Ground (unflavored and unsweetened) Coffee – 4 Tablespoons per Litre of Water
  • A Good Old French Coffee Press
  • Cold Water
  • Milk or Cream
  • Sugar, if you like
  • Ice
  • Mug or Glass
  • Straw


  1. If you have a 1 litre French press, put 4 tablespoons of fresh ground coffee into the press (otherwise, adjust for size).
  2. Fill the press with cold water, and gently stir.
  3. Put the lid/filter on the press, but don’t push it down. Place the press in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how strong you like your coffee.
  4. Remove from fridge, and gently press the filter to the bottom.

For Hot Coffee:

clear glass mug filled with coffee

Heat the freshly pressed, cold brew coffee in a saucepan on the stove for 3 minutes (do not boil it), and pour into your mug. Add whatever creamers or sweetners you like, but please try it black just once to see how smooth it is.

The microwave won’t hurt it either, just don’t go past a couple of minutes.

For Iced Coffee:

Fill an 8 ounce glass with ice. If you sweeten, add sugar on top of the ice. Pour the coffee over the ice, and fill glass 4/5 of the way.

Add a splash of milk and a straw.

Or for the lovely, white squiggle lava lamp effect, use heavy cream. Pour the cream onto one spot on top of the ice right in the center of the glass. Don’t stir.

Use 6 ice cubes per 8 ounce cup (I couldn’t resist).person jumping photo

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