My Autumn Addiction

I think I should be upfront with you about my addiction. You’re going to find out soon enough, anyway, so I might as well warn you now.

I. am. stupid. about. Autumn.

Even though we’re still in August, I’m already freaking out over the first cool weather today. We’re below 80 degrees, so I take that to mean that it’s time. The rest of the year, I’m simply leaning forward, waiting, for this day to come – the day that I can start “Autumning.”

brown food

I want crunchy leaves under my feet, howling wind against my windows, a crackling fire to warm my toes, pumpkin seeds to roast, and things that go “bump” in the night. Somewhere in history, one of my ancestors must have been the mayor of the harvest, because, I swear, this season is in my blood!

I’m about to start posting recipes for oatmeal cookies, pumpkin pie, caramel apples, and rich, hot cocoa along side recommendations for hot tea and popcorn seasonings. I will not hesitate to post a ghost story that I think goes well with a particular recipe or a hokey, grade-school drawing of a jack-o-lantern or a leaf with a tip to better zest an orange.

Now that you know, please feel free to inundate me with your own Fall stories, recipes, and memories. I don’t care what day it is. It’s Fall to me, and I’m giddy!

adult beverage breakfast celebration
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