Eggs Sous Vide, aka, The Only “Poached” Egg I Can Successfully Pull Off

Confession:  I cannot poach an egg to save my life.

Believe me. I’ve tried and tried. I’ve listened to all the advice and tried all the different techniques, and I am convinced that it is simply magic that only immortals can perform.

Leave it to the French to invent culinary magic for mere humans to pull off. While, technically, sous vide is not poaching (poaching means contact with liquid, right?), the results are similar, beautiful, and SO UNBELIEVABLY EASY! Besides, “Eggs Sous Vide” sounds way more impressive than “Poached Eggs.”

Sous vide is a cooking technique that is used to control the temperature of the cook by vacuum sealing the food in plastic surrounded by water heated low and slow, but these eggs are mostly wrapped for containment because poaching is for the birds.

Eggs Sous Vide


  • 4 Large, Fresh Eggs
  • Sea Salt
  • Ground Black Pepper
  • Fresh Parsley
  • Non-Stick Cooking Spray

Instructions (read all instructions before beginning):

  1. Bring 6 cups of water to nearly boiling in a large saucepan.
  2. Cut cling wrap into a 6 inch by 6 inch square, and spray one side with non-stick cooking spray. On top of the cooking spray, sprinkle only a pinch of sea salt, a pinch of ground pepper, and a pinch of parsley.
  3. Place the center of the square into a small bowl or a ramekin with the sprayed and seasoned side up.
  4. Break an egg into the wrap in the bowl, keeping the yolk in tact, and pull up the corners of the cling wrap. Loosely close the top of the cling wrap around the egg.
  5. Slowly lower the egg in the wrap into the water until the air around the egg is gone, and twist the wrap closed and secure with a string or zip tie.
  6. Let the egg gently cook in the just about to boil water for 3-4 minutes until the white of the egg is firm but the yolk is still runny.
  7. Remove from water with a slotted spoon, and cut open the top of the cling wrap bundle.
  8. Dump your perfect, beautiful egg onto a slice of avocado toast or a salad of sliced tomatoes and sprouts.

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