Let’s Do This!

Summer Dinner Party
Summer Dinner Party

I cook, and I write. I blog on travel and Christian feminism. I manage communities on hope, prayer, humor, and weirdness.  Why don’t I have a cooking blog?  All these other things are my interests.  Cooking is my passion!

I love to cook, create recipes, learn new techniques and cuisines, and eat. I’m spending all of this time trying to create content for my travel blog, while at home, I’m cooking and creating all the time. So, let’s just say I’m not the brightest blogger you’ll ever read, or I would have caught on long before now. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this anyway, and I can share my passion with other foodies or just – heh – other foodie groupies.

I’ve spent the last year of my life working on losing weight and changing how I eat. While I think I’ve succeeded, and I will convey that here, this is NOT a diet blog. A lot of my food is very fattening. However, I will tell you how I get to eat it in moderation and keep my body healthy and happy.

So, let’s do this!  Welcome to Foodlahoma!

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food geek, nerd, mom, cancer survivor, weight loser, spaz, musician, writer, silly head, Jesus freak

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